6 Cool Houston Bachelorette Party Ideas

Ideas for Your Bachelorette Party in Houston, Texas

When it comes to bachelorette party ideas, most people can think about a few. However, today, we are showing you some more traditional ideas as well as some new ideas.

Houston Bachelorette Party Ideas

If there’s something that you need to take into account is the bride, her personality, likes and dislikes. After all, this is her night, and you’ll be all there to support and party with her.

Here Are 6 Bachelorette Party Ideas:

#1: Male Strippers

Ok, this is a traditional one. No bachelorette party is complete if there are no sexy male strippers. If you’re the one who is organizing the party, make sure that you hire strippers that the bride likes. For example, if the bride prefers blond and muscle guys, make sure to find a couple.

#2: Limo & Party Bus Rental

When you’re just thinking about going from one place to another and keep rocking all night long, why taking chances and not having fun This is a one time only so you can rent an amazing limo or even a party bus.

You’ll all feel like Hollywood stars, and you can drink the way you want, without being concerned with driving. If the group is just too big, you can rent a party bus or van. They are totally rocking and have all the things you’ll need for the party.

#3: Spa Packages

Every bride needs to get to a spa before the wedding. But why should she wait for the wedding and why should she go alone? Just gather the entire gang and head on to the most amazing spa and enjoy their massages, facials, manicure, pedicure, and everything you can imagine.

#4: Poolside Party

If the bachelorette party is happening during the hot weather, nothing would be better than a hot pool party. Just put on those amazing bikinis, fun sunglasses, and head over to the pool. Oh, and don’t forget about the drinks as well.

#5: Take a Pole Dancing Class

Learning a new skill is always something most people like. And how about learning the pole dancing? You’ll be all doing it so it won’t be as strange as it might sound at the beginning.

#6: Hilarious Photos

Despite the fact that this is not an idea per si, taking hilarious photos is something that should be present in all bachelorette parties. From taking individual photos to group photos, in more serious and relaxed moments, before, during, and after party, and you’ll see the amazing results. Make sure to hire a photographer that has unique ideas. This will make the party to be remembered for many years.

As you can see, there are plenty of ideas to make this party the best ever. Just make sure that you arrange and book everything ahead of time.

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